Bigfoot Energy Services Logo

Your logo should instantly convey the culture and attitude of your organization while communicating your product in an easy-to-understand manner. Liquid Media designs primary and sub-brand marks for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Client: Bigfoot Energy Services

OG&E Together Magazine

Together magazine has been a staple of the OG&E family for more than 50 years. Liquid Media is proud to contribute to this tradition through our work on the magazine’s new design, and layout of each quarterly issue.

Client: OGE Energy Corp.

LAN Airlines Print Ad Campaign

As Check-6, an international safety consulting firm and Liquid Media client, expanded to South America, the company needed advertising support in meeting global sales objectives. Liquid Media conducted extensive research to locate the best channels to reach Check-6’s specific target audience — industry decision-makers traveling to and from South America – and found LAN Airlines carried the highest number of passengers belonging to the target audience. Liquid Media negotiated a LAN Airlines’ IN magazine media buy and designed a print ad campaign to help Check-6 reach prospective clients from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires.

Client: Check-6

OG&E Utility of the Year Logo

OG&E was recently named North American Utility of the Year by the editors of American Light & Power magazine. To help mark this achievement, OG&E worked with Liquid Media to create a special logo design to use on internal and external collateral materials.

Client: OGE Energy Corp.

OG&E Recruitment Campaign

Whether you need traditional print or a digital campaign, Liquid Media has the expertise to design and deploy relevant and engaging content to your audience.

Client: OGE Energy Corp.

Ermenegildo Zegna Postcard

Even in today’s digital age, direct mail postcards still provide an excellent value. Longtime Oklahoma City clothing retailer, Mr. Ooley’s, looks to Liquid Media for complete direct mail support. From message creation to design, printing and deployment, Liquid Media is your strategic marketing partner.

Client: Mr. Ooley’s

Mr. Ooley’s Ladies Sale Direct Mail

Throughout its storied history, Mr. Ooley’s has created long-lasting relationships with its customers and routinely uses direct mail to advertise sales, trunk shows and new arrivals of exclusive clothing. Liquid Media is proud to work with Oklahoma’s finest clothier in print, online and on-air.

Client: Mr. Ooley’s

Ladies Fall 2013 Lookbook

Engage your customers with eye-catching photography, sophisticated design and relevant messaging. Liquid Media can help you create the right print piece to promote your business or special event.

Client: Mr. Ooley’s

Surgery Center of Oklahoma Logo

Choosing the right color palette can be as important as the logo itself. Liquid Media provides comprehensive branding services that explore the colors that are right for your logo and industry.

Client: Surgery Center of Oklahoma

OG&E Storm Book

After the large, deadly May 2013 tornadoes in Oklahoma devastated OG&E’s electrical infrastructure, the company spent weeks repairing its system and restoring power. The recovery effort was so massive and historically significant that OG&E asked Liquid Media to design a special publication to chronicle the recovery. The multipage booklet featured an extensive, foldout restoration timeline that not only provided a written account of the event, but also served as a symbol of the sheer scope of the recovery process.

Client: OGE Energy Corp.

OG&E “Currents” Bill Insert

Every month, Liquid Media designs a new edition of “Currents” to keep OG&E’s 800,000 customers informed of the latest news and promotions. Separate editions of “Currents” are created for the utility’s Oklahoma and Arkansas customers.

Client: OGE Energy Corp.

Red Alert Business Cards

Red Alert Storm Shelters was a startup company looking for a unique brand. They looked to Liquid Media to create a brand that instantly set them apart from their many competitors.

Client: Red Alert

Mr. Ooley’s Store Package Design

Creating cost-effective packaging while maintaining a look of elegance and exclusivity was the goal of Mr. Ooley’s, Oklahoma’s premier clothing store for men and women. Liquid Media designed a suite of packaging options centered on Mr. Ooley’s iconic “O” logo.

Client: Mr. Ooley’s

Oasis Allergy Business Cards

You are your business’s first impression, but your business card provides an equally important “second impression.” What do your business cards say about your organization? Too flashy? Too small? Too trendy? Liquid Media will work to create the right card to represent your company’s values and products.

Client: Oasis Allergy Solutions

Oasis Allergy Brochure

Whether it’s an elevator or trade show, you only have a few minutes to tell your potential client about your business. Make sure your print collateral is succinct, eye-catching and relevant. Liquid Media is here to help you tell your story to the world.

Client: Oasis Allergy Solutions

Oasis Allergy Logo

Your unique product is only as unique as its brand image. Liquid Media has an international design and brand strategy team ready to help you take your product or organization to the next level. From concept to production, we’re your partners for success.

Client: Oasis Allergy Solutions

Oasis Patient Cards

Oasis Allergy Solutions needed a unique brand design to help deliver their message in the crowded allergy treatment marketplace. Liquid Media’s market research led to a unique look and feel, making a bold statement about the Oasis brand.

Client: Oasis Allergy Solutions

Mr. Ooley’s Storefront Posters

Liquid Media worked with legendary fashion photographer Shevaun Williams to create a series of storefront posters designed to catch the eyes of shoppers as they enter Oklahoma City’s largest mall. These large format prints feature a subtle branding element that complements the clothing instead of competing with it.

Client: Mr. Ooley’s

OGE Energy Corp Ethics Booklet

Liquid Media worked with OG&E’s Ethics Department to update the company’s Ethics Guide. Utilizing OG&E’s brand standards, Liquid Media designed a booklet that imparted the required information in an easy-to-read manner.

Client: OGE Energy Corp.

OG&E Transmission Booklet

Liquid Media created this booklet to inform landowners about OG&E’s upcoming transmission line construction projects on or near their property.

Client: OGE Energy Corp.

TLC Garden Centers Logo

TLC Garden Centers is the largest garden retailer in Oklahoma. Founded in 1980, TLC Garden Centers has one of the largest in-house growing operations in the region. Since a change in ownership in 2012, TLC has worked with Liquid Media to create a new logo and website, along with many print, radio and television advertising campaigns.

Client: TLC Garden Centers

Enogex Direct Mail

Liquid Media designed this direct mail postcard with a pullout feature for Enogex, which notified clients of the company’s move into new offices at Oklahoma City’s Leadership Square.

Client: Enogex

Travis Drilling Logo

Liquid Media can provide your organization with a comprehensive branding solution. From company names to logos and sub-brand development, Liquid Media can give your company the look it needs to succeed.

Client: Check-6

Community Hospital Brochure

Liquid Media’s design team created a revised services brochure for Community Hospital. The brochure was the first collateral material produced using a new brand look created by Liquid Media.

Client: Community Hospital