New Website Triggers Booming Leads for Acenitec

Springing the Traps

It may be a little early to judge for sure, but just a couple weeks after launching a new website and social media campaign for Oklahoma City’s longstanding lawncare and pest control company, Acenitec, we’re already seeing impressive results.

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Over the previous ten months, Acenitec’s previous agency brought in a meager five leads.

Now, after less than two weeks, we can attribute more than 25,000 impressions, 707 unique web visitors and 216 new leads (and counting) to the new website and social campaign! What’s more, these have led to 76 calls to Acenitec.

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Impressions - 72% from SEO-calibrated organic search

Unique Visitors



We’ll keep an eye on continued results and post an update here in early 2023.

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