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Putting a Roofing Company Back on Top


Refreshing Red River Roofing Digital – and Real Life – Presence

Red River Roofing has been repairing and replacing roofs in the Oklahoma City Metro for more than twenty years. That’s a strong track record. But unfortunately, their branding and online presence hadn’t evolved much in those twenty years. So Liquid Media partnered with this Edmond-based firm to bring their brand, website and engagement capabilities up to speed.

Cleaning House

Like many service-provider websites, Red River’s website had grown organically alongside the business. As the company added services like siding, windows, doors and more, new sections, backrooms and confusing passageways were added to the sites. Many pages were hard to find. Others were nearly endless scrolls. On top of that, a few of Red River’s related brands had their own, separately branded sites.

Website Services with Photography Packages | Liquid Media
Custom Website and Brand Refresh | Liquid Media

It was time for a massive reorganization – not only for the website, but the brand itself.

A Branded House

Red River’s brand was stretched across several entities – Red River Roofing itself, as well as their window arm: MaxView Windows, and their siding department: WallMax Siding. We saw this as an opportunity to consolidate this house of brands into one “branded house,” allowing Red River’s reputation to benefit its window and siding operations while avoiding brand dilution and customer confusion. We set to work redesigning their logo, combining the disjointed branches of the company into one clear entity and creating concepts for their overall brand position – one of longevity, strength and unwavering attention to detail.

Custom Logo and Branding | Red River | Liquid Media
Logo and Branding Services | Red River | Liquid Media
Custom Uniform Branding | Red River | Liquid Media
Red River Branding Collateral | Liquid Media

Website Redesign & Optimization

Meanwhile, we took Red River’s sprawling, interwoven site – and all its well-intentioned but difficult to digest content – and reimagined it from the perspective of a visitor. It was packed with information, diagrams, PDFs, blogs, links and everything else under the sun to help home and business owners understand the importance of quality roofing, but it had also become difficult to navigate, and lacked an enticing call-to-action to help new customers engage.

Website Design and Development in OKC | Red River | Liquid Media

We undertook a massive reorganization and simplification of the content, created a shorter URL, brought the MaxView Windows and WallMax Siding under the Red River umbrella, re-wrote every last page with search engine optimization in mind, and launched an impressive new site in a matter of months after our very first meeting with Red River.

Video & Photography

To really sell Red River Roofing’s commitment to excellence, we partnered to create a full suite of video materials, custom photography and TV spots. Compelling custom video and photography make all the difference on a website, the difference between a stale, forgettable site full of bland stock photography – and one that feels like a legitimate, trustworthy, local and professional partner.

Vertigo-Inducing Results

Our efforts began to drive staggering results. The kind of vast increases that make you want to be harnessed in – or at least have something to hold onto. If you’re afraid of heights, be warned.

Social Media Management

In tandem with the brand refresh and website redesign, we were able to outperform Red River’s entire 2021 social results in a single quarter of 2022. Through October of 2022, we kept that incredible performance trajectory running strong.


as compared to previous agency

Facebook Impressions | Case Study | Liquid Media

3,997,502 Impressions

up 380%

Facebook Impressions | Case Study | Liquid Media

58,280 Engagements

up 319%

Facebook Impressions | Case Study | Liquid Media

209,299 Video Views

up 1256%

Facebook Impressions | Case Study | Liquid Media

Potential Leads & Inbound Messages

up 482%

Google Ads

The combination of search engine-optimized content and streamlined Google Ad paid search resulted in clicks shooting up 104% and conversions rocketing by more than 150% – while the cost for those conversions was reduced by more than 50%.

Clicks Up


Conversions Up


Costs Per Conversion Down


Google Display Ad Results | Liquid Media

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