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Achieving Staggering Web Results

Helping Woodwright Reinvent Their Online Existence

In a matter of weeks, Liquid Media launched a new site for Dallas-based wood floor designer, Woodwright. The results of our strategic design changes continue to amaze all involved – and it’s keeping Woodwright’s calendar full.

Woodwright’s extensive history, custom craftsmanship and impressive portfolio of stunning wood floors, walls, stairs and artisan wood designs just knocked our socks off. But their web presence barely hinted at all they could do. 

Website Design and Development Results | Liquid Media

Getting off the Ground

After meeting with company leadership, we knew we could do a better job of engaging Woodwright’s exceptionally discriminating clients. With ideas in mind, Liquid Media presented website possibilities to Woodwright and landed on a design they loved.  We set up a stream of communication and began work, including custom photography of their breathtaking woodwork.


We knew we could attract and retain prospective clients better by speaking directly to them. This meant channeling guests through different areas of the site with content that speaks specifically to their needs and interests – whether they’re an installer, general contractor, architect or designer. 

Visitors self-identify to see the content most relevant to them.
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Try before you buy

We also added a simple, foolproof tool to request wood samples. This not only puts a temptingly beautiful reminder of the prospect’s dream in their hands, but also gives Woodwright actionable intelligence about their prospective clients.

Wood you believe it?

A few weeks later, the site was launched and Woodwright has seen a steady stream of business come through the new site and tools we created. Despite an unprecedentedly high cost of lumber, supply chain issues and looming recession, Woodwright’s business is booming.

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“The process was so much smoother than I expected. They listened to our team, but also guided us with their experience and expertise, helping build a site that drives new business.”

Rick Farrell

Vice President, Woodwright

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