Ermenegildo Zegna Postcard

Even in today’s digital age, direct mail postcards still provide an excellent value. Longtime Oklahoma City clothing retailer, Mr. Ooley’s, looks to Liquid Media for complete direct mail support. From message creation to design, printing and deployment, Liquid Media is your strategic marketing partner.

Client: Mr. Ooley’s

Mr. Ooley’s Storefront Posters

Liquid Media worked with legendary fashion photographer Shevaun Williams to create a series of storefront posters designed to catch the eyes of shoppers as they enter Oklahoma City’s largest mall. These large format prints feature a subtle branding element that complements the clothing instead of competing with it.

Client: Mr. Ooley’s

OG&E Together Magazine

Together magazine has been a staple of the OG&E family for more than 50 years. Liquid Media is proud to contribute to this tradition through our work on the magazine’s new design, and layout of each quarterly issue.

Client: OGE Energy Corp.

OG&E: All in a Day’s Work

From sunrise to sunset, the lineman at OG&E energize the lines that bring the power at the speed of life to 750,000 customers. This video was produced as part of a 30 minute documentary honoring the 25th anniversary of the OGE Lineman’s Expo. Liquid Media provided all production for this project including shooting and editing in HD with our Sony F5 Cine Alta camera and Avid Media Composer software, script writing and producing.

Client: OGE Energy Corp.

OCO Sports Website

Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Sean O’Brien, is a sports enthusiast. Not only does he play sports, but also he treats a variety of sports medicine injuries for amateur and professional athletes alike. His practice, Oklahoma Center for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, was in need of a website that demonstrated OCO’s appreciation of sports and athletes at all skill levels. To truly distinguish OCO’s website and dedication to its patient-athletes, Liquid Media worked with Dr. O’Brien to feature real patients playing their favorite sports, and coordinated all photography and proper legal releases.

Client: OCO Sports

United States Marine Corps – Eagle Eyes

Liquid Media worked with the United States Marine Corps and a Department of Defense contractor to create the Eagle Eyes video. Eagle Eyes is a military program designed to report suspicious, criminal or terrorist activities on USMC installations worldwide. The video was shot on-location in San Diego, New Orleans and Oklahoma City by Liquid Media.

Client: United States Marine Corps

Mr. Ooley’s Summer Television :30

Discerning Oklahoma City shoppers recognize Mr. Ooley’s as the state’s premier men’s and women’s clothier through Liquid Media’s meticulously tailored television commercials, print advertisements, seasonal look books and direct mail campaigns. In this 30-second commercial, Liquid Media partnered with acclaimed fashion photographer, Shevaun Williams, to capture Mr. Ooley’s Summer 2014 collection, which features exclusive Italian clothing labels. Liquid Media located a luxurious Nichols Hills residence and negotiated terms with the homeowners to create a sophisticated backdrop for these timeless images of truly timeless clothing.

Client: Mr. Ooley’s

TLC Garden Centers Television :30

Liquid Media first debuted TLC Garden Centers’ 30-second commercial, titled ‘Derek’, on the nursery’s Facebook page. Social media users from across the U.S. loved the humorous take on the distinction between the plant professionals at TLC and the so-called experts at the big box stores. The commercial was liked and shared so many times on social media that Liquid Media expedited the commercial’s placement in the local television market.

Client: TLC Garden Centers