Google Ads

Paid Search Should Be Easy. But It isn’t.

As an effective way to get customers in the door of your site, managing Google Ads should be simple. Sadly, that’s not the case. But Liquid Media’s team has been making Google work in our client’s favor since the dawn of paid search ads.

We Worry About It So You Don’t Have To


How Google Ads Work

It may surprise you.

25+ Years of Expertise

Google-certified individuals.

Transparent Management Rates

Starting at $2k per month.


Last 30 Days Compared to Prior Agency


(Up 626%)


(Up 840%)


Phone Calls
(Up 2270%)


Cost per Click
(Down 62%)


Click Thru Rate

Surgery Center of Oklahoma

Last 30 Days Compared to Prior Agency


(Up 7,536%)


(Up 13,652%)


Phone Calls
(Up 44%)


Cost per Click
(Down 81%)


Click Thru Rate


Stretching Your Message Beyond Search

Sometimes your prospects aren’t just searching. They’re on other pages, watching videos – doing their thing online. With Display and Google Ads, we can put your brand in front of your audience regardless of where they are.

Triad Eye Institute Google Display Ad by Liquid Media
OGE Google Display Ad by Liquid Media
OGE Safety Google Banner Ad by Liquid Media

Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads follow prospects who have demonstrated interest in your brand wherever they are on the web and display your message to them. We call this “retargeting.” Clicks still lead straight to your chosen landing page, and Liquid Media can also help design ads specifically for this.

Google Video Ads

You’ve seen Google Video Ads pop up before videos on YouTube. This is a highly cost-effective way to target your customers. You pay for clicks or when 30 seconds of your video is played. That amounts to pennies per view. Liquid Media can help produce video assets as well.

Google Video Ads by Liquid Media Marketing Agency

Masterpiece Smiles

Last 30 Days Compared to Prior Agency


(Up 883%)


(Up 2,442%)


Phone Calls
(Up 3,400%)


Cost per Click
(Down 63%)


Click Thru Rate

Experience Almost As Old As Google

Look. We know there are a lot of agencies making a lot of promises about digital marketing. Perhaps the most significant difference you’ll find at Liquid Media is that we truly are here to partner with you.

We’re not interested in luring you into an expensive contract or trying to get rich off your ad budget – because that means you can’t succeed. And our success hinges on yours.

Veteran Team

Some of us have been doing this since Day One of Google Paid Search Ads.

No Autopilot

We’ve seen autopilot wreck campaigns. It’s lazy, ineffective and expensive.

Course Correction

Google is tricky. But we’re trickier. We’ll put the world’s biggest search engine to work for you.


Impressions & clicks are great. But they’re not results. Your bottom line is the result we’re concerned with.

Transparent Pricing

See exactly how your budget is spent.

No Sticky Contracts

Cancel anytime with a 30-day notice.

No Commissions

We charge a transparent management fee, and the rest is for buying clicks.

100% Ownership

You own all accounts, passwords and analytics.

Full Pricing Transparency

What a Breath of Fresh Air!

Our pricing structure is simple. We take the monthly Google Ads budget and first deduct our management fee. The rest of your budget is spent 100% on bidding for clicks to get customers through the door of your site.

Liquid Media’s Google Ads management starts at $2,000 monthly. We also charge a nominal, one-time fee for setting up accounts and initiating new campaigns.

Make Google work for you. Don’t waste another minute!

The Ultimate Brand Toolbox


While Liquid Media is eager to help with Google Ads management, you can also trust us to utilize many other insights and methods to drive customers to you.


Custom Design
Results-Driven Architecture
Search Engine Optimization
No Sticky Contracts


Brand Identity Development
Logo Design
Online & Print Design


Scripting to 4K Video
Social Media to Documentaries
TV Spots to Corporate Videos
Custom Graphics

Social Media

Strategy & Management
Growth & Engagement
Custom Photo & Video Content
Influencer & Reputation Management

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