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Santos Sinus Center

Just what the doctor ordered.

Liquid Media Client Santos Sinus Center
Dr. Perry Santos | Liquid Media


New Patient Increase

“Grand slam.”

Perry Santos, MD

Otolaryngologist & Santos Sinus Center Owner

How did we do it?

Logo Design

Dr. Santos needed differentiation.

He needed to stand out from the pack of individual doctors and feel substantial. Therefore we named his practice Santos Sinus Center – a name with weight and credibility. We then designed a fresh, modern logo.

New Logo for Medical Center | Liquid Media
Santos Sinus Center Branding from Liquid Media
Logo Design for Medical Centers in OKC | Liquid Media

Bring your brand up to speed – in a way that feels true to who you are

Custom Video & Photography

“The photo and video shoots have paid for themselves over and over. It’s been a few years, but they’re still getting used regularly and they still feel fresh.”

Perry Santos, MD

Nothing can supercharge brand presence like custom photo and video. We did just that for Santos Sinus Center, with breathtaking photography and a series of patient and physician interviews. The results have been staggering.


Video Views in 2023

Check out more samples of videos and learn how we work

Check out more video samples and learn
how we work


A photo is worth a thousand words – but a professionally shot, custom photo is worth far more still.

Custom Medical Website Photography | Liquid Media
Custom Photos Sinus Center | Liquid Media
Photography for OKC Doctors |Liquid Media
Lifestyle Photography Medical Center | Liquid Media
Doctors Office Photography OKC | Liquid Media
Custom Photography for Doctors | Liquid Media

Website Design

“I still get compliments from colleagues and patients on the website.”

Perry Santos, MD

With virtually zero online presence, there was a lot to improve on – but also an immense amount of information to be gathered, organized, synthesized and presented digitally. We set to work and created a beautiful and intuitive site, showcasing Dr. Santos through the custom video and photography we created.

Results Driven Website Design by Liquid Media
Responsive Web Design For Sinus Center in OKC | Liquid Media
Web Design and Development for Doctors in OKC | Liquid Media

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Social Media Management

“It isn’t enough to just have a website. You have to drive interaction through social and other outlets.”

Perry Santos, MD




Engagement Increase



Like most physicians, Dr. Santos didn’t have time to create and maintain social media presence – much less engage with patients online. So Liquid Media did it for him.

“People ask me, ‘How do you have time to respond on social?’ I don’t. I pay Liquid Media to manage that and preserve my time!”

Perry Santos, MD

Reputation Management

Santos already had a great reputation among medical professionals and his patients, but none of it was on Google. We implemented a few methods to translate his real-life reputation to the internet, and voila!





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About Santos Sinus Center

“Liquid Media has done a phenomenal job for us. It’s been just extraordinary – the numbers are kind of unbelievable.”

Perry Santos, MD

After decades in practice and a consummate leader in the field of otolaryngology, Dr. Perry Santos decided to start his own practice. However, the competitive landscape in which he landed proved challenging. He couldn’t find patients – or, rather, they couldn’t find him. Dr. Santos handed over the branding and marketing reins to Liquid Media, and trusted us while he focused on what he does best.

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