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TLC Garden Centers

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TLC Gardens | Liquid Media Marketing Client
TLC Increase in Sales After Working with Liquid Media


Increased Sales

“When you’re doing $7 million per year as a small nursery and increase business by 223% to $22.6 million, it’s really saying something.”

Frank McDonald, TLC Owner

Social Media Management

“Liquid Media is a vital,
strategic member of our team.”

Frank McDonald, Owner




Video Views




Increase in Organic Social Media Followers


Increase in Same-Store Sales

When we first partnered with TLC Garden Centers, they didn’t consider social media important, but we did – because we knew we could reach the right people for much less money. We shifted budget funds from newspaper and TV to social media and instantly started seeing results.

Since taking over TLC Garden Centers’ social accounts, we’ve been able to garner seriously impressive results, cultivating a diverse audience of real people who engage with our posts, keep coming back and visit the store to make real-life purchases.

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Social Media

“Statistics mean nothing unless
you’re actually moving the needle.”

Frank McDonald, Owner


Audiences Reached


Boost in Moonlight Madness sale

We can’t say it enough – social videos are almost always the best way to drive business. Vertical video is king, driving a 200% increase in impressions, and with Liquid Media’s worthwhile, educational content, people are far more likely to watch all the way through.


Television spots remain a surefire way to reach specific demographics, and we take advantage of the world-class footage we capture to make TV spots for TLC.

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Website Development

Liquid Media partnered with TLC Garden Centers to modernize their website, and we quickly understood that keeping the homepage up to date was crucial.


Website Visits

To that end, we manage weekly updates, including social videos and refresh the entire homepage with the latest promotions and information. For customers, this up-to-the-minute website has become a vital resource, resulting in millions of visits yearly.

TLC Garden Centers Website Design by Liquid Media
Garden Center Website Design and Development | Liquid Media

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A new client often needs help modernizing their brand’s appearance. From logo design to overall promotional material look and feel, letterhead and social skins, Liquid Media crafts designs to help clients stand out.

Logo Redesign

The first step when working with TLC was bringing their logo up to date, and we delivered a fresh new design that feels organic, green and modern.

TLC Old Logo

*Old Logo

TLC Van With New Logo | Liquid Media
TLC Garden Centers Graphic and Logo Design by Liquid Media
Branding and Email Blast Design for TLC | Liquid Media

Email Blasts

TLC’s customers cover a wide demographic – young first-time homeowners, retired plant lovers, and professional landscapers. We needed to reach all of them. Liquid Media curated weekly email campaigns to remind them of upcoming deals, gardening tips and more.


Email Subscribers

Bring your brand up to speed – in a way that feels true to who you are

“Liquid Media’s strategic approach to our Moonlight Madness sale was not only impressive, it also actually worked. In just two weeks, with the same inventory as the year prior, we increased our sales by 25%.”

Bob Gerdes, Owner


A photo is worth a thousand words – but a professionally shot, custom photo is worth far more still.

Custom Photography for Your Website | Liquid Media
TLC Employee Photography for Marketing | Liquid Media
Angela - TLC Commercials and Custom Photography | Liquid Media

About TLC

TLC Garden Centers is one of the largest independent nursery, greenhouse and landscape retailers in the country.

The flagship store in Oklahoma City boasts 150,000 square feet of greenhouses and 10 acres of trees, shrubs and flowers. Since 2012, Liquid Media has worked with TLC to develop quality content to help their business grow, just like they help their customers’ gardens grow.

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TLC Garden Centers

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